Banish Bullying. Save Lives.

Banish Bullying for Life


Bee Friendly Now™ produces digital proactive programs for children, parents and elementary schools to help kids recognize, prevent and recover from bullying…before it’s too late.

We create a world of BEElonging. We exist to bring hope. We make proactive solutions to banish bullying for children through disruptive innovation.


160,000 kids skip school due
to fear of bullying.
Bullying can result in physical injury,
social and emotional distress,
and even death.
Suicide 2nd leading cause of
death in children 10–14 year olds.


Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is based on five pillars of success: Character, Leadership, Communication, Social-Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Bully Prevention. We utilize multicomponent programs that address social, behavioral and mental health concerns. Bee Friendly is an evidence-based, year-round elementary school digital solution. Integrating schools, students, parents and the community for lasting success. It’s simple like Google®. It’s kid-friendly like Disney®! A program that teachers use, kids love and parents appreciate!

Bee Buddies is our proven peer-to-peer program for special needs students.
Developed over a decade ago for our founder’s child who had autism.

Today it’s used around the world with great success.


Hope is given to kids dealing with
bullies who are making them feel sad,
alone and afraid to go to school.


Help is given to parents who
are frustrated, struggling with how
to help their child deal with bullying.


Support is given to educators dealing
with bullying who need a fast,
simple solution with zero prep time.

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Bee Nominated

Once your school is nominated, a request is
sent to your school’s administration for approval.

Bee Approved

After a school is approved,
we to begin the  Friend Funded launch.

Bee Friended

We create your personal Friend Funded platform
to attract supporters
and funds your school.

Bee Launched

We coordinate your Disney® inspired digital Bee Friendly Assembly Launch while our  Bee Team ensures an exceptional experience.

Bee Transformed

Your school receives
year-round access to the
Bee Complete digital program that produces a positive, safe and encouraging school culture.

Bee Repeated

Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ auto-renews annually with new engaging digital program producing
student success for life.

(Official Bee Team Mascot)


We create a world of beelonging.


We exist to bring hope.


We make proactive solutions

to banish bullying for children

through disruptive innovation.

“I think the Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is not just a theory but an active, participatory answer to the bullying issue. It’s a solution for the students being bullied.” Kam Hunt

Former NCAA Player

“Bullying is a huge issue in my work with children and adults with developmental disabilities. The damage done by bullying can last a lifetime. Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is a fun and helpful way to teach children to be kind to others. Teaching these skills early is the best way to stop the damage of bullying.”

Erica Blackbourn

LLP, Licensed Behavioral Psychologist

“The Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ and associated products are of high quality, and supported by research evidence regarding bullying and the cultural dynamics that surround and support it. The program holds great promise to overcome a serious issue that sometimes has devastating results for our children and their families. The skills the children will learn from this program will serve them throughout their lives.”

Susan M. Wolfe, Ph.D

Community and Developmental Psychologist

“The Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is a great resource for positive social change.”

Leslee Matthews, Esq., LMSW

Attorney | Social Worker | Advocate

Featured Guests

Together, we can change tomorrow’s world … today!

After attending the Bee Friendly launch, Rachel was in tears. When our Coach asked if she was ok, Rachel explained that she had never heard how worthy and valuable she is. Her dad died two years ago and she’s had a difficult life. Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ helped her know her true worth which will impact her life forever.

Sarah loves the Bee Affirmed game! She told us she reads her cards each night before bed, then tucks them under her pillow. She said, “They make me feel so good and help me get up each morning and go to school”. Her favorite card is ‘You Beelong’.

We asked students what it means to Bee Friendly. Johnny (first grade) told us, “Be someone’s friend if they don’t have a friend!”

Another student added, “Be nice and be a friend!”