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Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is a proactive solution for elementary schools partnering with parents, teachers and kids to banish bullying through character and leadership development. A year-round digitally based program teachers use, kids love and parents appreciate!

Join the Bee Team. Support the Cause. Banish Bullying.

The Experience



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Year-round Bee Complete
Digital Curriculum
Concert Like
Surprise BeeBuzz Drop-ins
Year-Round Engagement
Bee Buddies
Special Needs Program
Partnering with Parents
Dynamic Student Packs
Life-changing Bee Affirmed Game
Simple for Schools

More About the Program

Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ partners with the Community, Parents, Schools and Students in a proactive and preventative way producing lasting results. Through a dynamic, fun and interactive video concert-like production we feature former NFL Player, Ryan Young, Guinness World Record Breaker Jon Pritikin, “So You Think You Can Dance” contestant Regan Strand and more! Based on a football analogy complete with BeeBuzz our very own Bee Team mascot live at every event and music video’s from The Bee Band! The Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is a scientifically developed Certified Outcome Based Program. We make getting results fun!

This digitally based program delivers exactly what our research deemed necessary to produce lasting results! I’s simple, paperless and conforms to any school’s culture! Teachers and Principals love this feature! It makes consistency a breeze. There’s zero prep time! What could bee better? Students are engaged from the start. The Bee Affirmed game, Bee Buddies program and Bee Complete year round digital curriculum makes this a one-of-a-kind program keeping every stakeholder’s success in mind.

There’s a way for everyone to participate and be a world changer! Join the Bee Team and help us make a positive impact in this World!

Based on a Football Analogy

Featuring Former NCAA & NFL Players and our team mascot, BeeBuzz!

What’s does bullying feel like?

Jon Pritikin, Guinness World Record Breaker

Ryan Young, Former NFL Player

Representative Matt Krause

The Climate Has Changed



affects 1 in 3 kids


Special Needs

35% more targeted


Cyber Bullying

affects 34% of kids



2nd leading cause of death
in kids 10-14 years old

*Stats: CDC, NIH, DHHS and NCHS


Today 1 in 3 children are bullied. Special Needs kids are 35% more targeted. And cyber bullying is on the rise. It’s harder than ever for kids to navigate this new terrain. Imagine if that embarrassing moment you remember from childhood was video taped and went viral – following you home from school every day, following you to your first job interview, on your first date – following you everywhere. How different would your life be? According to the CDC suicide has climbed to the 2nd leading cause of death in children 10-14 year olds! Together, we can Bee the Change! Join the Team Today!


We believe teachers and school administrators have one of the most important jobs in the world! Our future leaders are in your hands! We partner with elementary schools producing students who are world changers! We’ve taken a decade researching with Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, School Counselors and more to discover what works and what doesn’t. We listened to you and created a paperless, simple, turn-key program that engages students, produces results and conforms to your school’s culture. What could be better? 


Social impact is the marketing of the future! Partnering with Bee Friendly Boot Camp to sponsor a school in your community shows that you care even more about your customers.  Having a social cause increases your sales. Plus what better way than to give back to your local neighborhood and save lives while leaving a legacy. BeeBuzz loves to drop in and increase the buzz in your business! Every sponsor receives a full benefits package as our way to say Thank You for caring about kids! Get started today!

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