Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ just for elementary schools?

Yes and No! At this time the year round curriculum and assembly program is designed for K-6th grades. We also have the Bee Friendly Now program for Parents and Home Educators. Plus our Bee Team back at the hive is busy creating additional levels for pre-school and Jr. High/High School. They’ll be sweeter than honey!

Does the Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ help special needs children?

Yes! In an amazing way! Our founder’s son was severely autistic and bullied a lot. Mostly because other children didn’t understand his differences and those who wanted to help didn’t know how. That’s when the Bee Buddies program was first birthed. It’s been used with professionals in speech, OT, PT, and other therapies. The results are incredible! If you have a special needs child or know someone who does, click here to get more information on the Bee Buddies program.

Is the Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ for schools a year round program?

Yes it is! First teachers receive a digital boot camp teacher training. Then the program kicks off for students with a concert-like student assembly and runs year round with the Bee Affirmed game, Bee Buddies program and the Bee Complete Curriculum followed by unexpected BeeBuzz surprises! It’s simple yet effective and easy as searching Google®!

How do I get more details about the program?

We would love to answer all of your questions! Please click here to have one of our Bee Team Members contact you. Or feel free to give us a buzz at: 844-4BeeBuzz (844-423-3289) we’re happy to share the sweet stuff and answer all your questions!

Who is BeeBuzz?

BeeBuzz is our Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ Team mascot! He’s awesome and tons of fun! The Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ program creates Bee Friendly teams and every team has a mascot! Click here to see BeeBuzz in action!

How will BeeBuzz and our own school mascot work together?

BeeBuzz is here to enhance and partner with your own school’s culture, mascot and focus! We work together with each school to serve and support your school’s brand!

How do I bring the Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ program to my school?

Simply click here and fill out the Nominate Your School form and one of our Bee Team members will get in touch with you for the next step! We excited to spread the pollen and create a sweet environment in your school!

How much does it cost the school for the Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ program?

We work with each school’s budget individually and coordinate our proprietary sponsorship program to make sure every school, no matter what their budget, can benefit from the Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ program! We’re all about spreading the sweetness and kindness as much as we can! School costs are dependent upon the number of teachers and students as each teacher and student receives a student pack. Please contact us for exact pricing for your school.

I want to be part of the Bee Team! How do I get involved?

Awesome! You’ll just love buzzing with us! Click here and fill out the contact form and one of our Bee Team members will connect with you! In the mean time, please go and like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter and Instagram! We’re excited to get to know you! Let’s change the world together!! It’s going to be great!

I’ve been bullied, can I share my story?

We are so sorry you’ve had to endure bullying. We would love to hear your story. Please click here and you can share your story or request one of our Bee Team members to give you a call. That’s why the Bee Team is committed to spread sweetness everywhere!