A culture where innovation and productivity thrive.

“I define connection as the energy that
exists between people when they
feel seen, heard, and valued…”

Brené Brown


Bee Friendly Now cards make it simple to
those words of kindness that we all long to hear.

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Social Good. Stand Out.

Bee Friendly Boot Camp is a proactive solution impacting elementary schools. Partnering with parents, teachers and kids to banish bullying through character and leadership development. A dynamic year-round digitally based program teachers use, kids love and parents appreciate. Disney® inspired. Sesame Street® style. Bee Friendly impact.

Bee Friendly Boot Camp is expanding with Veterans and Special Needs adults as new hires.

Companies that positively impact society stand out. Become a Bee Friendly Boot Camp school sponsor and you will banish bullying and save lives. Your employees will appreciate you. The community will thank you. Your customers will remember you.

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BeeBuzz Live Workshop fully engages your employees to launch BFN in your organization.

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We can’t all be everywhere. But. Together.
We can change the world for good. Impact the lives in your world.

“Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard
to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”

Steve Jobs

Behind Bee Friendly Now

Bee Friendly Now™ worked hard. We took complex neuroscience research and created a simplified solution to work for your organization. For your team. For your customers. For your success.

Increase your employee retention. Create a positive company culture. Improve your employee satisfaction and productivity. Decrease your employee absenteeism. Plus, create new value for your customers. Bee Friendly Now™ is your low risk solution to help your company bee the best.

Bee Affirmed for Success is simple, daily words of affirmation. A brilliant feature is their universal relevance and their ease of use. They are simple to use and user friendly. Men. Women. Executives. Managers. Customers. Everyone benefits from an affirming word. It’s like a V8 for your mind! And in our digital era, a tangible taste of kindness makes a lasting impact.

Hey, even share a kind word with those you don’t yet know. In the coffee shop, in the grocery store, anywhere you go. Everyone appreciates a kind word! And who knows what that word could mean to someone else!

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Contact us at hello@beefriendlynow.com
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Impact your world.
Share your story.