Concerned about bullying? 

Equip your child today.

Many parents wonder if their child is being bullied. Children may say they don’t want to go to school without reason. They may start acting up. They may withdraw.

If you do find out your child is being bullied, the next struggle is getting them to tell the principal or counselor. Children are often afraid kids will find out and the bullying will get worse – not better.

Sometimes, talking to the school can cause frustration because it seems like the staff has a lack of training, knowledge or understanding when it comes to bullying. You and your child can feel hopeless.

Even when your child is not part of bullying, they can be affected. Your child may be seeing other kids at school being bullied which can produce fear that one day they will be the next target of bullying.

Lack of awareness is another challenge. 
Does the child doing the bullying realize what they are doing?

Is there any hope that the bullying will stop?

Yes! Join our user friendly Bee Friendly Family

home program today.



Bullying creates stress induced illness. Bullying can result in physical

injury, social and emotional distress, and even death. Read more

from the CDC here

Children being bullied, bystanders watching bullying and families of children involved in bullying are all affected by the stress produced.

The US Government shares the concern. Read more from the US National Institute of Heath here.

As a Parent, How Can You

Best Equip Your Child?

We’ll walk with you every step of the way to
equip your child and create connection.


We understand today’s busy parent—we do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


Watch Daily

We’ve made the program kid-friendly. It’s cool. It’s engaging. It’s quick.


We help your child know their worth, value and have a place they know they Beelong.


We create the conversation for your child to communicate with you.


From watching to communicating, we help you overcome any obstacles you or your child might face.


We equip your child with knowledge and strategies to help them deal with bullying.


We have a private support group where you can post questions you would like answered and you gain added support.

Rushed? Watch it during breakfast,

driving to school or even the night before.

It’s totally flexible to conform to your busy schedule!

We make it simple so
you won’t miss a resource!

“People buy into the leader first; then they buy into the vision. That has been true for me with the Bee Friendly Program. Bee Friendly’s Executive Director, Kristi Kennedy, has thoroughly impressed me with her servant leadership. I admire her always-thorough preparation, relentless work ethic, selfless passion to serve others, and humble confidence to empower team members! In turn, I have fully bought into the Bee Friendly vision: To combat bullying and to improve children’s self-images through positive encouragement!” Scott Hoover Stier

District Director, Representative Matt Krause

One dad shared how he reads the Bee Affirmed cards to his two little girls each night. Saying, “You’re Valuable, You’re Worthy, Your Ideas Matter, I Beelieve in You, You’re Important” and more. His wife said through tears, “It’s transformed our home.” Dad

Of Two Girls