Bee Friendly Boot Camp™

partners with educators

to create positive

school cultures and

bully prevention.

Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is the world’s first proactive bully prevention program that helps elementary students recognize, prevent and recover from bullying. Thousands of Bee Friendly students are experiencing a positive school culture so they can fulfill their dreams in life. Bee Friendly helps kids succeed in life!

Reimagine the Elementary School Experience.

It’s about CHILDREN.

It’s about BULLYING.

It’s about TIME.

Educators are concerned that their students will fall behind academically due to the emotional toll of bullying. Most students are afraid to report bullying. When they don’t speak up, they become isolated. This leads to low self-esteem affecting their ability to focus and learn. 

Bee Friendly is a simple, proactive, evidence-based, digital solution to banish bullying through disruptive innovation.

Teachers love Bee Friendly’s zero prep. There’s literally no planning needed. It’s a simple, digital push and play program. Customized to mesh with any schedule. Your students improve in character, communication, leadership and social-emotional intelligence. These foundations help students recognize, prevent and recover from bullying.

Bee Friendly brings hope and creates positive social connectedness.

The Bee Friendly Process

Digital Teacher Training

In less than 20 minutes, teachers will learn how to navigate and utilize the digital program in a way that best conforms for their classroom.

Bee Spreading the Buzz

A quick digital teacher & student survey that provides insight for the Bee Team to continue making Bee Friendly sweeter.

Bee Friendly Kick Off

School-wide digital video launch available as an assembly or for individual classrooms.

Bee Affirmed

Each student & teacher receives their Bee Affirmed cards, the fun and tangible part of the program.

Bee Complete

Teachers receive access to the year-round 5 minutes or less digital program that conforms to each school/classroom.

Bee Continuous

Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ renews annually with new cool Disney® inspired launch and program each year.

It’s so simple.

Check out the video!

We spent years researching with professionals in education, social work, psychology, counseling and medical research. Bee Friendly developed into
the successful outcomes-based program it is today. Input from school superintendents, principals and teachers as well as paraprofessionals
led to the digital, Google® simple and Disney® inspired program today.

The Hive is Sweeter

Than Ever

Bee Friendly offers bully prevention resources for education support professionals (ESP’s), including bus drivers, cafeteria workers, and other paraprofessionals. These people are often on the front lines where bullying takes place. Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ equips these professionals so they can effectively respond to and prevent bullying.

The Role of Parents

Parents play an important role in helping their children navigate social challenges and adapt to stress. Preventative interventions that involve parents, particularly at the selective and indicated level, are part of the Bee Friendly program to help engage the parents in your school.

Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is designed with an evidence-based bully prevention approach through a certified outcomes-based program. Over 2,000 students have gone through pilots. Data revealed 95% student participation and year-round retention, over 85% teacher implementation along with parental and community involvement. Bee Friendly creates a positive school climate by reducing bullying and instilling essential life skills.

Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ is a whole school approach that includes multiple disciplines and complementary components directed at different levels of the school organization. Bee Friendly is expanding its whole school universal approach to include selective and indicative bully prevention resources. It’s simple, paper-free and requires zero teacher prep. Bee Friendly conforms to any school’s culture making it a sought-after program that produces successful outcomes.


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The Bee Friendly Boot Camp™ Program was such an innovative idea that I strongly supported it. It is my hope that this program will still find its way into all schools through private funding if necessary. Our children and grandchildren’s future is worth the investment. Valde Garcia

Former Michigan Senator

As a former public school administrator, I know first hand the devastation bullies have on students. Bullying is a tragic reality of childhood and adolescence, but it doesn’t have to remain so. When parents, school leaders and community members unite together, bullying is tempered. The Bee Friendly™ initiative is a genuine bullying reduction program that provides a place for stakeholders to cooperate and offers promise for students to slow the spread of intimidation. Dr. Robb Brewer

Former Elementary School Principal